Welcome to the blog I’ve dedicated to Tight Writing.

What is tight writing? It’s writing that has been sufficiently tightened so the paragraphs don’t wander, taking forever to get to the point, and the sentences don’t confuse the reader into having to read them again. Most readers hate when that happens. Writing that is wordy, presumptuous or repetitious loses those readers who either don’t have the time or the patience to wade through awkward prose as they search for the point!

Tight writing doesn’t cause readers to yawn, wince, shake their heads, or wish the pain would end; instead, tight writing gets in, gets the job done, and then gets out – or gets on with it. As writers edit their prose to make it tighter, they eliminate confusing, boring text while increasing clarity and interest.

Tight writing is not only a joy to read but is easy to comprehend and remember because of its rhythm and logic. The ability to tighten your writing can win you a writing contest, a coveted promotion, a newspaper column, or (gasp!) a book deal. It is a handy skill indeed.

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