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How to Reduce Prolific Prepositions

This is Part 2 about the overuse of Prepositional Phrases. In today’s English, overuse of these phrases has diluted our writing and weakened its impact. Some experienced business and technical writers view prepositional phrases as evil. I wouldn’t go that far … sometimes they are … Continue reading

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Needless Repetition: Editing Exercise

Introduction We can tighten our writing by eliminating needless repetition, those words and phrases that do not add anything to what we have written, and may even make us appear foolish. The challenge is that we frequently hear needless repetitions on … Continue reading

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Rambling Sentences, part 2: Fixing Them

The first article about rambling sentences (“What is a Rambling Sentence?”) discussed rambling sentences and why they should be fixed, especially as a favor for the reader. Part 2 contains several fiction and nonfiction long-winded sentences along with a rewrite … Continue reading

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Introduction to the Write Tight Site

Welcome to the blog I’ve dedicated to Tight Writing. What is tight writing? It’s writing that has been sufficiently tightened so the paragraphs don’t wander, taking forever to get to the point, and the sentences don’t confuse the reader into … Continue reading

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