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How to Deflate those Inflated Phrases

Effectual writers tighten their writing by transforming inflated phrases into shorter, more concise terms. This way they convey the same information with fewer words. This article examines how to recognize inflated phrases and how to deflate them. Inflation Although inflation … Continue reading

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Plentiful Prepositions

Too Much of a Good Thing? The English language is awash with prepositions … we could hardly communicate without them. Problems arise however when our writing sports too many prepositional phrases (examples are shown below). What is a Preposition, anyway? Prepositions … Continue reading

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Needless Repetition: Editing Exercise

Introduction We can tighten our writing by eliminating needless repetition, those words and phrases that do not add anything to what we have written, and may even make us appear foolish. The challenge is that we frequently hear needless repetitions on … Continue reading

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Tighten Your Writing by Eliminating Redundancy

What do I mean by ‘redundancy’? As many of you know, redundancy in a computer network is important, even necessary, and for some businesses, it may be a matter of life or death. In the computer world, redundancy means that … Continue reading

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